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Steadman & Steele is an extension of your credit department and
we will provide you with unmatched rates of recovery. Our collection service is tailored to match the relationship you have established with
your delinquent customer.

Our first priority to you is increasing your cash flow by recovering your
delinquent account balance in full. Our professional approach provides the answers to unanswered questions and generates results typically without jeopardizing the relationship with your customer. We will either recover balance in full or make an informed legal recommendation.

Steadman & Steele has gone to great expense to assemble the most experienced collection staff in the industry. We require a minimum of fifteen years experience in commercial collection and proven success at restoring the business relationship between clients and their customers.

The Collection Process is customized to assist you in collecting
balance in full on your delinquent accounts. The degree of pressure
applied in the collection is relative to the current facts of each unique case.

Comprehensive Progress Reports will provide a precise update
on the current status of your accounts and the actions taken to
protect your assets.

Face to Face contact through our network of investigators
provides the immediate debtor response that makes your debt a priority.

Pre-Collection Service offers an option for accounts under $ 1,500.00
that can assist in account recovery.

Customer Profile Service is a free service to provide you the ability
to ascertain your customer's potential history with Steadman & Steele
with a look into our database, which has been compiled since 1992.

Preferred Customer Service prevents unnecessary alienation of
a valued business relationship by motivating your customer to offer
a payment arrangement that is acceptable to you, typically with a
significant initial payment.

Litigation Management will find a local contingent collection attorney
who will begin for a filing fee without a retainer or suit fee.

Our collection department is made from industry specific collectors
which allows you the benefit of the network of contacts developed
throughout their careers. These contacts are critical to recovering the
information needed for successful recovery of your accounts.
Steadman & Steele can utilize civil investigators to research public records to provide your collector with up to date information such as banking relationships, secured creditors, court records, tax liabilities, related companies and cross corporate guarantees. This process is to prepare for when your debtor contacts Steadman & Steele. Current information allows us to take the appropriate action to prioritize your debt over other creditors while maintaining professionalism.

Steadman & Steele understands the importance of knowing the current status of your accounts at all time. Your account representative will be able to forward you to the investigation or collection department for verbal reports. On account balances of $1,500.00 and above you will receive your first verbal update a minimum of 4 business days from account placement to provide the initial results of our preliminary asset & liability investigation. Subsequent verbal updates will be provided to you as new information is received.

We will provide written status and closing reports to you in the form requested and will arrive on the date of your choice. Our consolidated status report is a convenient format, which provides a quick reference for the status of all active and closed accounts on one report. Our individual status letters provide concise disposition of the progress of our collection efforts on each account.

If you have ever had to personally visit a delinquent customer or send your sales force to collect instead of furthering your business relationship with the customer, you understand the frustration of these actions typically being ineffective.

Allow Steadman & Steele to provide years of experience with face to
face contact. Your debtor will respond to an investigator more than to
a familiar face. Our interaction will allow us to provide you with
critical information that may lie just under the surface. These details
are what set us apart and will enable you to make informed decisions
on how to best protect your asset.

Steadman & Steele's investigator network provides face to face
contact anywhere, anytime.

Steadman & Steele has a service if you are reluctant to place delinquent accounts due to concerns of jeopardizing future
business relations. This service is effective with your delinquent
long-standing customers and your delinquent customers that have
large accounting departments with significant volume.

Steadman & Steele will navigate the complex payment process
found in customers with larger accounting departments. Our intent is to utilize our reputation to arbitrate with the appropriate personnel to present the details and proof of your debt to recover balance in full immediately or a start a payment schedule acceptable to you, typically with a significant initial payment.

This service will prove to be an invaluable approach for you with these types of customers.

Steadman & Steele's continuing success through national and
global financial markets and trends since 1992 will always be our
rate of recovery for our clients. Research of client relations in our industry shows that companies will discontinue relations with a
collection agency due to problems created by the agency's legal service. Our commitment to securing a long-term, professional relationship with you is based partially on our ability to meet your potential need for local and contingent legal representation. Steadman & Steele will provide you with accurate asset information and recommend litigation when warranted. Accurate asset information creates a greater value to your lawsuit and enables us to negotiate a competitive contingent rate for you with the attorney. Our commitment to our reputation for our rate of recovery allows us to eliminate non-refundable suit fees that many agencies charge.

The current economic climate dictates that cash flow is at a premium
and your collection staff may be dealing with customers that will delay payment until a third party becomes involved. Steadman & Steele initiates a letter demand service for accounts that total under $ 1,500.00 to determine your customer's intentions or collect the account in full. This service will save you the time and the expense of ineffective phone calls or continuing to use your sales force to visit the debtor.

Simply fill out our account placement form and mail us the information
or please contact your representative and Steadman & Steele will begin immediately.

One of the most difficult functions of your credit department is determining when to take the necessary action to protect your asset. The database we have created gives us the ability to provide facts pertaining to your customer's current financial position that are not reflected in most credit reports. As a client of Steadman & Steele, you will have an advantage over competing creditors by securing your asset prior to actions of other creditors that could cause your customer to cease operations or declare bankruptcy. You will be able to decide to take action based on current facts, instead of conjecture or misinformation done to manipulate you into placing customers for collection. This unique advantage is provided free of charge and as often as needed.

How do I place accounts?

  • A completed placement form for each account which you will find when you click the blue "Need Help Now" button.
  • An account statement for each account.
  • The original credit application if available.

How do I obtain progress reports?

All written reports are available upon request and can be on an e-mail schedule as often as needed, typically relative to the volume of placed accounts. Closing letters are available upon request.

What are my obligations?

Steadman & Steele is a contingency fee service. You pay nothing unless we collect.

What if a lawsuit becomes necessary?

Steadman & Steele can assign your claim to an attorney anywhere through our association with the Columbia Law List and we coordinate and monitor the proceedings for you.

When do I receive my money?

Steadman & Steele will remit collected monies on the 20th of the following month.


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